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Manufacturer of Trimmer Line

TRIMIT Plant, LLC, St. Petersburg, offers trimmer cord (trimmer line) for electric and gas trimmers.
Line diameter is 1.4-4 mm, depending on the customer’s specifications. Cross-section: round, star or square.
The TRIMIT Plant also manufactures and offers trimmer line (trimmer cord) 15 or 25 m long on cardboard Euro hang tabs. The weight of one bulk package (80 pcs.) is 3 kg.
Our trimmer line is supplied wound onto black polypropylene spools with the length of 70 m (4 mm) to 270 m (1.4 mm). In addition, we offer trimmer line (cord) in bundles with the length of 250 to 1,000 m.
We always have finished products in stock and can often ship your orders immediately as we maintain a stock of high-demand items at our warehouse.

Trimmer line (cord) for wholesale customers
We offer deliveries throughout Russia. Wholesale customers are given significant discounts.

Agent and intermediary commissions are available.

Delivery is either by road or by rail.


The TRIMIT trimmer line is manufactured on imported state-of-the-art equipment using a high-performance Italian manufacturing process. Our company maintains an affordable pricing policy. Our products a great bargain, as they are offered at significantly lower prices than any competitive products in the market.

We operate two production lines in parallel, which enables us to manufacture two different product types at the same time: for example, star-shaped cord on one line and round-shaped cord on another one. This makes us very flexible and allows avoiding wasting time on reconfiguration of production lines. Ten large spools with the final weight of 35 kg can be wound simultaneously at any given time.

High efficiency of labor translates into a very good economic effect in large-scale production and allows us to compete with the Asian suppliers by offering better prices. Both lines are highly automated and require just two operators.


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