Trimmer Cord as Crop Wire

Trimmer cord (line) is a classic cutting tool used in electric and gas trimmers.

However, this is not the only application for the TRIMIT trimmer line. Our products are also widely used in the Russian market as crop wire. The line is made of PA-6 polyamide 1.4 to 4 mm thick. It is worth noting that such cord is also in high demand in Europe where it is used as vine support.

If you plan on using trimmer cord as crop wire, we recommend choosing round-shaped cord as it provides better tensile strength, withstanding loads of 80 to 180 kg depending on the thickness. In addition, cord with round cross-section does not stretch during use. The material is water- and frost-resistant. The properties of the material also make it resistant to direct sunlight. The cord does not burn out and preserves its color for a long time. It can withstand exposure to alkali, fertilizers and various chemicals.

The advantages of the cord compared to various wire types are its lighter weight and ease of use with no additional equipment required. We can manufacture bundles with the length of 250 m or more in accordance with the customer’s needs. The weight of a 250 m bundle with the thickness of 2.4 mm is 1.48 kg, making it easy to handle even for a single person.

It is also worth noting that this material is considerably cheaper than metal wire and is not susceptible to rusting.

For more detailed information about the pricing of trimmer line (cord), please call our Sales Department at: +7 (921) 956-42-87, +7 (966) 751-52-27.

21 June 2018